7. Lead Organization and Partners

The Lead Organization of the TWAP Lakes and Reservoirs Component was the International Lake Environment Committee (ILEC), headquartered in Kusatsu, Japan, an International Non-governmental Organization established as a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation administered under the jurisdiction of Cabinet Ministry, Japan. In contrast to organizations collaborating with the other TWAP working groups, ILEC is not part of the UN System. Located on the shoreline of Lake Biwa, an ancient lake in Japan, ILEC works independently from governmental or other international organizations, focusing on promoting rational management of lakes and their catchment areas, consistent with the underlying policy of sustainable development. ILEC conducts its activities in collaboration with its multinational advisory Scientific Committee, and in cooperation with counterparts from the scientific, governmental and private sectors involved in the conservation of lakes and other lentic water systems. Its primary activities include:

  1. Collecting, analyzing and disseminating information and data on environmental and related aspects of lakes, reservoirs and other lentic (pooled or standing) water systems;
  2. Promoting technical and management training and workshops on the lake environment;
  3. Collaborating with governmental agencies, research institutes and NGOs throughout the world, particularly in developing countries, on comprehensive and environmentally-sound water management and basin governance directed to the sustainable use of their life-supporting ecosystem goods and services

The major portion of the technical work of TWAP project was carried out by a team formed at The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment at Texas State University, U.S.A., and by another team formed at the Research Center for Sustainability and Environment, Shiga University, Japan.

General information on the TWAP project is available on the TWAP project website, as identified in the following “Links and Contacts” Section.